Fish and Tea, please!

The end of my Tournée Minérale, or Dry February is in sight! Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting further with food and tea pairings. I read that green tea pairs well with fish, especially salmon. So I put that to the test. The green tea I had was regular Twinings green tea. I wanted to have pure green tea to be able to really appreciate how it works together with the food.


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Dry January in February

In many countries there is Dry January. In Belgium there is “Tournée Minérale”, and it’s in February. Why not in January? Because we don’t want to miss out on all the New Year’s receptions of course… Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Some see this as a hype. But I’m just curious. I want to find out what the effects are, if any, of not drinking alcohol for a month. In the end, alcohol is a harmful substance for your body. So I’m curious if I will see any differences.

It will not be easy, though! If wine is your passion, then not drinking it for a month is quite a daunting perspective. Not to mention the occasions where having a beer or a glass of wine seems to be the most obvious thing, like at a party or when you’re meeting up with friends in a bar…

Another reason why some people don’t do this, is the risk that will you overcompensate when the month is over. I think that is indeed something to be mindful about. But I’ve found a solution for that! Instead of compensating in terms of quantities, I will just compensate by treating myself with a top bottle. That immediately gives me something to look forward to. And since I won’t have spent any money on wine for a whole month, I might as well spend it on a special bottle in March then.

In the meantime, I resorted to this :


I can’t remember the last time I tasted alcohol-free beer. So I was actually curious to try this! And it’s not that bad actually… The end is a bit sweet, but for the rest, it’s so much like normal beer that it actually feels like I’m cheating already on day one… So hey, maybe this will not be that bad after all. It’ll be fun! Yay!